We made it...

Yes indeed, we made it... the first published spread by team Byu-ti. How does it feel? It feels great. Not only for the prestige of being published but for the opportunity to let our team shine. And shine they did! Excellent work, Ladies!

Andi, Tara, Luciana, Lesley, Suzanne, Lupe - I'm SO proud of you! Brigham and Meghan, you rock! Alicia, thank you for believing in our vision before we even had photos!

It's interesting, accomplishment always feels a little different than I expect. You push, you push and then... your result arrives... and then? For me, I always think my ego is going to be fed somehow. I think I'm going to feel like hot stuff or something. It never seems to work out that way. Instead, it feels like a satisfying smile from the inside. Like, yes! we did it. We can do it. We can do anything.

I guess that's really the point of this whole project. Our intention was to share with other stylists the idea that, whatever you set your mind to you can achieve. Most times however, we give up before we get there. We lose hope. We get distracted.

If only we could all learn to hold out and hold on to the vision. If the 100 Years Shoot could say anything, it would say: GO FOR IT!

Whatever your IT may be. Whether it's opening a salon, making a move or organizing a photo shoot. Do it! Don't sell yourself short. Make your goals and dreams a reality.

Success is not about how much stuff you have, it's about giving yourself the gift of accomplishment. Allowing yourself to know that you can do, be or have anything. There is nothing greater.

Keep your eyes out folks, we have another shoot in the making. Always, more to come.

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September it is, folks, and the Modern Salon issue is out! It's official! We've been published!

I know this isn't the website I promised. Sit tight. It's coming.

The days since we began getting phone calls of congratulations and finally got the magazine in our hot little have been surreal. Who'd -a-thunk it? Excitement IS contagious, and NOTHING is impossible when you put your mind to it!

The article is beautiful and generous. Thank you Modern Salon. Alicia, we are so happy were sparked your imagination and captivated you with our early developments and brainstorming. We thank you for believing in us!

Thank you to all of our amazing team. We did it Girls! Thank you Natasha, for pushing us through the last leg when we were tired, and for holding us to professionalism to the end!

There were a lot of people that contributed a great deal of planning and artistic talent. Dawn Stafford, Gina Pickett: Thank you for your initial research and shared vision on the project. Thank you Daniela, for letting us wrap you up in our crazy ideas!

Thank you to our assistants Tara Forman and Lupe Hall for your research, support and skill. We saw a hint of the full bloom of your talent on this project and we thank you.

Thank you to the wicked nail diva, Nettie Davis. Your attention to detail and donation of your time gave our shoot the polish of professionalism.

Thank you to the menagerie of other beautiful people there on set that made this happen.

Thank you Kevin Calloway.

Thank you Brig. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Is it true?

Our pictures are finally coming out!! I've been stalking Modern Salon magazines, in hopes it would have come out by june or july. Boy have I been out of the loop. I guess thats what I get for moving back to Arizona! I'm terrible at keeping in touch these days! But I'm stoked its all falling in to place and I cant wait to see what becomes of this amazing project I got to be apart of!! I miss all you Byu-ti ladies!

Much Love


Then What....

So it's been a couple months since our last post... but don't let that fool you... we've still been working hard! And for good reason!!

Modern Salon has approached us about running the 100 Years of Hair project in their (June... August...) SEPTEMBER issue!!! WAHOOO!!!!

The crazy thing is, that's been just the beginning! We've had a few other interested parties inquire about publishing the photos as well!!! See what a little creativity and a some elbow-grease can accomplish???

There is a great deal more involved in all this than simply turning over a disc of images!

We've been double checking release forms, crossing "t"s and dotting "i"s, and making a bona fide story out of this whole process.

We've been writing analysis of each decade -- naming the "look", capturing what our inspiration was for each decade, and detailing how we accomplished each look. We've even RE-searched our research to make sure it's accurate.

Davines, manufacturers of hair care, styling products, and MASK hair-color (and staples of the Byu-ti shopping experience) kindly sponsored our shoot and supplied us with product, so we made sure to detail what items were used, and how we unitlized such yummy products each look.

Now that we've worked so hard to compile all this incredibly useful and insightful information, we think we may put it all down in a book!! That will give us a way to showcase not only the talent of all of our amazing artists, but to show you all the way this comes together. These girls, with ridiculously beautiful, do not show up looking the way they do in the shots, and the process takes more than a few minutes, and sometimes, some serious trial and error. But this was our learning experience, and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you all...

So look forward to Fall! September means 100 Years of Hair in Modern Salon Magazine, the launch of the official 100 Years of Hair.com website, and (hopefully) a bound copy of all this information available for your very own collection!!!

Stay tuned!!!



So here I am, in NYC... frantically hopping from internet cafe to internet cafe trying to find somewhere that will let me plug in and download the FINAL PICS!!!

OMG... I'm ready to WALK home to get a internet connection big, strong, and tough enough to let me view these pics!! Where is a Panera Bread when you need one?


ARRRRRRRGHHHHHH!!!! The anticip-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-ation is KILLING me!!!

At this point I've had WAY too much coffee, clearly.



Holy Cow!! The finished photos look amazing! Brig is such a rockstar!! It only took him 3 weeks!!! And there were a ton of pictures to choose from. WOW! Thats all I have to say! Now....what comes next?


The waiting process..

Ok, so its only been like 2 weeks since the shoot. But waiting for the pictures to come back is driving me crazy!!! We saw a few of the pictures as Brig was taking them (only because we were all so excited to see how they looked, we ended up hounding him on it)...but I'm soooooo excited to see the final outcome of them all!! As soon as I get my pictures downloaded on to my computer I'll post some "behind the scene" photos. *Whoop whoop* Hows that for short and sweet?!